A bit more...

My first spaniel arrived when I was five and for the last twenty years, I have worked and competed with my spaniels.  When Mouse joined the gang in 2014, it brought in a new order of training and competition.

I have made a point of learning from different Trainers locally and across the Country, developing my skills as a Handler, so that Mouse might achieve her potential... she has won numerous Working Test awards, been awarded the KC Working Gundog Certificate, as well as being selected for the England Spaniel Team in 2018.  Sally (here) is hoping to follow in Mousie's footsteps and Mousie's daughter Sybil, arrived in April - the next generation.

You need to know that my spaniels are both pets and working dogs - they work, compete, come camping, act as demo dogs, and generally have to fit in with whatever is happening here. I am open to all sorts of working roles for dogs - I believe dogs are happiest when they know what is expected of them (they have a job!) and they know who is the team-leader.

I am a Certified Canine Sports-Masseur (distinction) and I specialise in working and competitive dogs. I work closely with your Vet in treating your dog.

based in Devon